Nouveau bureau de change à Honfleur


Notre bureau de change d’Honfleur est ouvert.

Le bureau de trouve 1 quai le Paulmier à proximité de l’office du tourisme.

Pour vos échanges de devises, achat ou vente d’or.

Voir la carte

Our exchange offices

billetsTravel, cruise, our office will provide you with coins from around the world.
For your purchases and sales of foreign currency, gold or silver coins and ingots, contact us or come into our office in Le Havre, Rouen or Rennes.
For opening hours, access map and phone numbers, click the following links:
Office in Le Havre
Office in Rouen
Office in Rennes

Answers to your questions about gold coins and ingots

Pièces OrWhat happens if you have an ingot without a license?
What should you pay when you sell your gold?
Do all 20 francs coins have the same value?
Must coins be cleaned up ?
Answers to your questions are in our offices. Our counselors are available to provide answers in our offices in Rennes, Rouen and Le Havre.